Central Hub of Virginia’s Lake Region:

Clarksville Clarksville

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While the first official statewide golf tournament didn’t happen until 1904, golf has a rich history in Virginia. The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation has inventories from 17th-century Virginia estates that include “goff clubs, golfe sticks, balls,” and the last British colonial governor, the Earl of Dunmore, practiced his golf game on the grounds of his Virginia palace during his term of 1774-1776.

Virginia’s Lake Region is blessed with a great climate for golf: temperate weather with an average temperature of 65° allows for golfing 9-10 months out of the year. The region is also blessed with great terrain: the same geological processes that created the rivers in the area smoothed out the land, but didn’t completely flatten it. The result is one golf-friendly region, with some of the state’s finest courses.